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SR Cloud Tech offers your superficial Oracle SOA with OSB online training for both graduates and software professionals. Industry experts design all the sessions. In this course, you will get the best knowledge on OSB architecture, service discovery & management, branching, etc. We assure you that by the end of this course you will become master Oracle SOA with OSB components.

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Course Description

Each and every module of this course is explained with real-time scenarios and cases. The level of proficiency you will experience in our entire training sessions will take your expectations to the next level. We believe in teaching with updated resources so that our learners can walk along with the current tactics. So, get up and avail the request for the Oracle SOA and OSB online training and craft your career in a fruitful direction.

Our instructors provide you in-depth knowledge in the following areas:
A complete overview of SOA
Download and Install Program

How to design, deploy, administer?
Troubleshoot SOA composite applications in Oracle SOA Suite 11g environment using Oracle SOA 11g components-

1. Mediator
2. Business Rules
4. Business Process Management
5. Human Task

Our 5 Minutes brush up at the end of every session gives an impressive opportunity for the learners to clear their doubts instantly. If you want to experience a great exposure to Oracle Fusion Middleware, then Oracle SOA with OSB online training is an ideal path for you. The hands-on practice during the sessions will make your an expert in managing tasks effortlessly.


SR Cloud Tech Oracle SOA with OSB online training is designed to provide the real-time industry experience to the learners. This course is very well designed for students who have zero knowledge of this tool. Our instructors give you a high-level overview and detailed explanation so that learners can understand with ease. Along with that, we also offer placement assistance who will help you in cracking the interviews. To offer you hassle-free Oracle SOA with OSB Online Training experience, we provide self- paced training. This means learners will get the flexibility to join the training sessions as per their convenience.



  1. Introduction and Concepts of SOA
  • Definition of SOA
  • Standards and Specifications that make SOA
  • Describe SOA Reference Architecture
  • Understanding SOA Suite 12c Product
  • Understanding Service Design Considerations and different Service Components
2. Understanding SOA 12c

  • List SOA 12c Components
  • Describe Service Components
  • Define Composite Application
  • Describing Enterprise Manager
  • Concepts of Oracle Weblogic Server
  • Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 12c
3. Providing Services for SOA

  • Defining a Service
  • Describing key Service Artifacts
  • Reviewing Web Service Concepts and Architecture
  • Reviewing Concepts of XML schema, XSLT and WSDL Documents
  • Introduction to Adapter Framework
4. Introduction and Concepts of SCA (Service Component Architecture)

  • Explain SCA and its components
  • Defining Composite Application
  • Creating SOA Composite in Jdev
5. Managing and Monitoring SOA Composite Application

  • Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the SOA Composite
  • Working with Enterprise Manager
  • Deploying, Undeploying and Testing SOA composite
  • Debugging SOA Composite
6. Introduction to Concepts BPEL

  • Understanding Orchestration
  • Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Components
  • Overview of BPEL Designer Environments
  • Overview of Activities.
  • Concepts of Partner Links and Service Invocations
7. BPEL Concepts In-depth

  • Invoking WebServices using BPEL
  • Interaction patterns in BPEL ( Synchronous/Asynchronous)
  • Concepts of Variables and uses in BPEL
  • Implementing Parallel flows in BPEL
  • Conditional Branching in BPEL
  • Suspending threads in BPEL
  • Manipulating and Transforming XML Data in BPEL using XSLT
  • Explaining Data Manipulation and XPath/XQuery Standards
  • Explaining Adapter concepts and Framework
  • Explaining different types of Adapter
  • Implementing Adapters using BPEL
  • Debugging BPEL Processes
  • Concepts of Fault Handling in BPEL
8. Sharing Functionality

  • Using the Design-time Meta Data Services (MDS) Repository to share files
  • Introducing Templates
  • Creating and Using Project, Service Component, and Scope Activity Templates
  • Introducing BPEL Subprocesses
  • Creating and Using Standalone Subprocesses
  • Creating and Using Inline Subprocesses
  • Describing the Differences Between Templates and Subprocesses
9. Designing and Managing Business Events

  • Describing the Event Delivery Network
  • Creating a Business Event
  • Publishing an Event
  • Subscribing to an Event
  • Managing Events in Oracle Enterprise Manager
10. Using the REST Adapter

  • Introducing REST Services
  • Comparing REST and SOAP Web Services
  • Creating and Configuring a REST Adapter
11. Mediators

  • Introduction to mediators.
  • Working with mediators.
  • Event driven networks via mediator
  • Schematronfiles , parallel flows, sequential flows
  • Fault handling in the Mediator
  • Transaction handling in the Mediators
12. Human Tasks

  • Concepts of Human Task
  • Implementing Human Task Components in SOA
13. Business Rules

  • Concepts of Business Rules Component
  • Implementing Business Rules Component
14. BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

  • Concepts of BAM
  • Implementing BAM
15. Securing Services and Composite Applications

  • Explaining Security for Services
  • Describing the Fusion Middleware Security Architecture
  • Attaching Security Policies at Design Time in JDeveloper
  • Attaching Security Policies Post-Deployment in Enterprise Manager
16. Other topics

  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  • Concepts of Oracle Service Bus
  • Virtualizing Services using OSB
  • Concepts of Business and Proxy Services in OSB
  • Designing and Implementing Business and Proxy services using OSB Calling Services in OSB
  • Definition of OSB
  • SOA Verses OSB
  • OSB Verses Mediator
  • OSB11g Verses OSB 12c
  • New Features of OSB 12c
  • Real time Scenarios – SOA, OSB and BPM




Who should attend Oracle SOA with OSB Online Training?

There are no prerequisites to avail of this training. After finishing this course, you will get assistance who will help you in finding relevant jobs.



SR Cloud Tech consists of experts who are certified with high grades. They will teach and help learners in completing their real-time projects by explaining concepts precisely. Learners are free to ask any query at any time. Give us a call to know more about Oracle SOA with OSB online training. 

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1. Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

2. Who will provide the environment to execute the Practical?

To offer hands-on experience, SR Cloud Tech provides server access to the learners. To make you master in all concepts, we use real scenarios. All the concepts from basic to advanced are elaborated through real-time cases.

3. Does SR Cloud Tech accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer?

SR Cloud Tech trainers are experienced and have deep knowledge of the oracle cloud financial system. To maintain a high level of professionalism in the classes, they always encourage learners to improve skills and be more focused on practical knowledge.

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