The Functionality of the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) at SR Cloud Tech to show how to accelerate application integration in the cloud. Basically, it’s a cloud-based integration platform from the oracle that lets you connect securely to applications both in-cloud and premises. The Oracle Integration Cloud Service Online Training is designed to teach how to automate and process business applications using cloud services.

Key Features

Course Description

The whole learning course is divided into three categories-
1. Integration Cloud Service.
2. Oracle Process Cloud Service.
3. Oracle Visual Cloud Service.

By the end of this course, you will be able to design, monitor and manage the connections between your



Oracle Integration Cloud service (OICS)Module-1

  • Overview of Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Features
  • OIC Benefits
  • Integration Scenarios

  • Connections in OIC
  • Introduction to Integration Styles , Mapper &  Lookups in OIC
  • Connectivity Agent & Monitoring in OIC
  • Integration Workflow

  • Oracle Cloud Subscriptions
  • Overview of IDCS
  • Provisioning an OIC instance

  • Navigations in OIC
  • REST Adapters
  • Build our first integration (Hello User)

  • SOAP Adapter
  • Converting an REST service to SOAP

  • FTP Adapter
  • FTP Adapter Capabilities
  • Generate (PGP) Pretty Good Privacy public and private keys
  • Provisioning FTP Servers
  • Create FTP Connection
  • FTP Adapter Operations – Read , write , delete , move , download
  • Encrypt / Decrypt files using PGP Pretty Good Privacy

  • Scheduled Integration Pattern
  • How to create scheduled integration

  • Connectivity Agents
  • Agent Types
  • Connectivity Agent Architecture
  • Agent in High Availability
  • Agent Group
  • Connectivity Agent Constraints

  • Pre-requisites for Connectivity Agent
  • Download Connectivity Agent
  • Install Connectivity Agent
  • Start / Stop Connectivity Agent
  • Log Files of Connectivity Agent
Module -10

  • File Adapter
  • File Adapter capabilities
  • Poll files from server

  • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Database
  • ATP Adapter capabilities
  • ATP Adapter limitations
  • Provisioning ATP DB
  • Tools provided by ATP DB
  • Export ATP Wallet
  • Create ATP Connection

  • File Transfer Pattern
  • Insert Operation in ATP Adapter
  • Select Operation in ATP Adapter

  • Scheduled Parameters
  • Scheduled Parameter values for integrations
  • Maintain last run date in scheduled integrations
  • Override Scheduled Parameters
  • Calls Scheduled Integrations from external tools (Postman)

  • Salesforce adapter
  • Salesforce adapter capabilities
  • Create an Salesforce connection
  • Salesforce adapter enhancements
  • New way to create Salesforce connection

  • Create Workflow in SFDC
  • Create outbound message in SFDC
  • Extract outbound message in SFDC
  • Capture SFDC events in OIC

  • Publish to OIC
  • Subscribe to OIC

  • Exception handling in OIC
  • Resubmit failed integrations

  • Integration versioning
  • Code promotion
  • Custom HTTP Error response in REST flows
  • How to send custom error messages

  • Global variables
  • Data Stitch
  • How to use Global variables and Data Stitch
  • Integration Properties
  • How to add , modify & override integration properties

  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Adapter
  • HCM Adapter Benefits
  • Pre-requisites to create a connection
  • How to create HCM connection
  • HCM Data loader using OIC

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Adapter
  • ERP Adapter Benefits
  • Pre-requisites to create ERP connection
  • How to create ERP connection

  • Import Bulk data into ERP via FBDI
  • Flow to Import Data
  • Job Property file format
  • Get Job Package , Name and Parameters

  • CSF Key in ERP
  • Register CSF key in ERP
  • Import Supplier into ERP Cloud
  • Demo to configure callback

  • Consume BI Reports in OIC
  • Consume BI webservice in OIC
  • Converting BI reports to produce data in csv

  • ServiceNow Adapter
  • Use case of ServiceNow Adapter
  • Create ServiceNow Account
  • Create ServiceNow Instance
  • Pre-requisites for ServiceNow Adapter
  • ServiceNow to Salesforce Integration

  • Oracle Integration REST APIs
  • APIs to
  • Retrieve Integrations
  • Retrieve an Integration Instance
  • Download Logs
  • Monitoring Integration
  • Re-Submit Failed Integration
  • Retrieve Lookups
  • Update Lookup
Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)Module-27

  • Overview of VBCS
  • Benefits of VBCS
  • Navigations in VBCS

  • Business Objects
  • Data Manager
  • Simple application in VBCS
  • Insights of all different panes in VBCS
  • CRUD operations in web application

  • Create relationship between business objects
  • Import / Export data
  • Parent Child relationships
  • How to change default page of an application

  • Create Static LOV
  • Dynamic LOV
  • Dependent LOV

  • Create a web form
  • Button actions to store data into BO
  • Navigations between pages

  • Array Data Provider (ADP)
  • Create an ADP
  • Create an editable table

  • Dialog box in VBCS
  • Writing JavaScript in VBCS
  • Installing additional components
  • Export functionality

  • Service connections
  • Call an external API
  • Populate data from an external API
  • Show user details on dialog box

  • Create a service connection with OIC
  • Kick-off OIC integration from VBCS

  • Versioning of VBCS application
  • Stage a VBCS application
  • Switch to Live and Develop mode
Process Cloud Service (PCS)Module-37

  • Overview of PCS
  • Key feature of PCS
  • PCS Composer
  • PCS workspace
  • PCS Navigations

  • Structured Process
  • Patterns of Structured Process
  • Swimlanes
  • Dynamic Process
  • Dynamic Process Patterns

  • Quick Start App
  • Create a PCS application from Quick start app
  • Create a web form



  • Create an Approval workflow
  • Develop  a web form to start the process
  • Test and play with approval workflow
  • Introduction to Gateways
  • Types of Gateways

  • Manage PCS application
  • Default roles of an application
  • Assign USER / GROUPS to roles
  • Tracking your tasks
  • Understanding Human Tasks (Walk through on properties)

  • Work with integrations
  • Calling an REST integration
  • Calling OIC integration from PCS
  • Fault Handling in PCS




What will you learn in Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) Training?

Oracle Integration Cloud Certification gives you in-depth knowledge of the following areas-

  • OICS, creating Packages and using pre-built integrations
  • Configuring adapters and defining connections
  • Defining and configuring integrations
  • Data mapping and lookups
  • Advanced integrations and orchestration
  • SAAS and on-premises integration agents
  • Learn OICS security Schedules
  • How to monitor integrations
  • How to manage integrations using OICS Rest API.


Who should take this Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) Online Training?

The learning door of the SR Cloud Tech is opened for every learner. This course helps people who want project experience in migrating and deploying cloud solutions. Plus, IT professionals, DevOps professionals and server handling professionals can also avail this course to expand their learning skills.


What are the prerequisites for taking the Oracle Integration Cloud Service Online Training?

To avail our in-depth knowledge-based Oracle Integration Cloud Service Online Training program, you just need a basic overview of networking and visualization.



Our Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) Online Training gives you a live demonstration of features and practices of Integration cloud technology. We also allow our trainers to engage in the discussions and share their queries at the end of each session. If you want to gain hand-on-expertise in Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) technology, then avail this course.

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1. Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

2. Who will provide the environment to execute the Practical?

To offer hands-on experience, SR Cloud Tech provides server access to the learners. To make you master in all concepts, we use real scenarios. All the concepts from basic to advanced are elaborated through real-time cases.

3. Does SR Cloud Tech accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer?

SR Cloud Tech trainers are experienced and have deep knowledge of the oracle cloud financial system. To maintain a high level of professionalism in the classes, they always encourage learners to improve skills and be more focused on practical knowledge.


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