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Oracle Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Course at SR Cloud Tech is the most recent ERP Cloud application for project management. The visibility of this system has increased rapidly because it has made the project delivery process hassle-free. SR Cloud Tech’s Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Portfolio Management (PPM) certificate will give you a high level of confidence when you need to define, plan, track and monitor projects. This course is designed by experienced instructors who have added in-depth and vast learning material. We assure you that after the end of this course, you will become an expert in handling the project management task.

Key Features

Course Description

SR Cloud Tech gives you a basic and advanced understanding of project modules, Project Costing, Project Controls, Project Management, Project Resource Management, and Project Contract & Billing.

During this course, you will learn the tools that help you in managing their projects, tasks, and resources. Suppose you want to boost your project management skills. In that case, Our online training classes will help learners to learn application implementation and project portfolio management to outmatch the challenges in the organizations.


Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM Course Content: 

  1. Introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials
  • Course Approach
  • Course Schedule
  • Overview Oracle Fusion Projects
2. Overview of Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Functional Setup manager – Overview
  • User Interface
3. Overview of Common Configuration

  • Enterprise Structure – Design
  • Define Legal Locations – Rapid Implementation
  • Define Legal Entities – Rapid Implementation
  • Define Business Units – Rapid Implementation
  • Define Ledgers – Rapid Implementation


4. Oracle Fusion Project Fundamentals

  • Rapid Implementation of Projects
  • Defining Departments
  • Defining Project Units
  • Managing Project Unit Options
  • Project Business Unit Options
  • Defining Descriptive Flex Fields
  • Define Revenue Categories
  • Define Expenditure Categories
  • Define Expenditure Types
  • Define Project Class Categories
  • Define Work Types
  • Define Project Status
  • Define Resource Classes
  • Define Non Labor Resource
  • Define Rate Schedules
  • Define Labor Cost Multipliers
  • Define Labor Cost Rules
  • Define Labor Cost Overrides
  • Define Organization Labor Costing Rules
  • Define Planning and Resource Break down Structure
  • Define Burden Cost Base Types
  • Define Burden Cost Bases & Codes
  • Define Burden Structure
  • Define Burden Schedules
  • Action Controls
  • Define Project Types
  • Define Project Templates
  • Define Approval Management Rules
5. Oracle Fusion Project Fundamentals – Process Flows

  • Creating Employee and defining as Resource
  • Creating a Project and Updating a Project Details
  • Creating a Financial Plan
  • Assigning Planning Resources
  • Updating Planning Amounts
  • Creating Project Set
  • Assinging Project to Project set
6. Oracle Fusion Project Costing

  • Define Transaction Sources
  • Define Capitalized Interest


7. Oracle Fusion Project Costing – Process Flows

  • Opening GL Periods and Opening PA Periods
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Burden Expenses
  • Time Cards – External System
  • OTL – PA Integration
  • Expense – PA Integration
  • PO – PA Integration
  • AP – PA Integration
  • Creation of Allocation Rule
  • Generating & Releasing Allocation Rule
  • Capitalization (PA – FA Integration)
  • Expense with Fund Checking
8. Oracle Fusion Project Controls

  • Period Profiles
  • Spread Curves
  • Financial Plan Type
  • Project Plan Type
  • Enabling Budgetery Controls


9. Oracle Fusion Project Controls – Process Flows

  • Creating Cost Budget at Project
  • Enable Transaction Controls
  • Review Budget Balances
  • Review Budget Transactions
  • Budget Monitor


10. Oracle Fusion Project Execution Management

  • Resource Calendars
  • Define Project & Tasks
  • Define Project Plan & Assignments
  • Define Project Deliverables
  • Define Project Resource Requirement
  • Track the Progress
  • Manage Project Issues
  • Managing Changing Orders
11. Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management

  • Maintain Resource and Maintain Resource Search Index
  • Evaluate and Assign Resources
  • Maintain Resouce Assignments
 12. Oracle Fusion Project Sub ledger Accounting

  • Manage Accounting Rules
  • Manage Journal Line Rules
  • Manage Description Rules
  • Manage Journal Entry Rule Set
  • Manage Accounting Methods
 13. Oracle Fusion Contracts

  • Define Project Contract Business Unit Options
  • Defining Invoice Methods
  • Defining Revenue Methods
  • Enabling Intercompany Transactions
  • Intercompany Balancing Rules
  • Define Intercompany Organization Relations
  • Define Transfer Price rules
  • Define Transfer Price Schedules
14. Oracle Fusion Contracts – Process Flows

  • Creation of Contract
  • Creation of Contract Project
  • Assigning Project to Contract Lines
  • Generating Invoice and Generating Revenue



15. Fusion Cross Charge – Transactions Flow

  • Enabling Cross Charge
  • Cross Charge – Across Business Units
  • Cross Charge – Across Legal Units
16. Oracle Fusion Reporting

  • Defining of Role Security Model
  • Defining Reports in OTBI
  • Defining Reports in Smart Views
  • Defining Reports in BI Publisher
  • Managing Reference data Sets
17. Migration of Data from Legacy

  • Migrating the Open Projects




Who should take this Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Portfolio Management (PPM) training?

Consultants, Analyst working for Oracle EBS 12, and project manager can avail this Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Portfolio Management Course. This course is aimed at the people who are in a project management role and want to uplift their project professional’s work.


Why should you go for the Oracle Fusion Cloud Project Portfolio Management (PPM) course?

To retain a good position in the company and market, continuous improvement in the skills is crucial. On compilation of this course, your knowledge-base and skills will get expanded, and you can achieve good heights in your domain.


Instructor-Led Live Online Training

  • Flexible Timings
  • Industry Experts Trainers
  • Multiple Training Delivery Models
  • Customize Course
  • Application Access
  • Hands-On Experience
  • CV Preparation help
  • Job Support


Oracle Fusion PPM Training

SR CLOUD TECH is a professional Oracle Fusion Applications training and consulting company. We provide top class Oracle Fusion PPM Training, We also provide Real-Time Projects to our students. The company is promoted by a team of experienced consulting professionals.

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1. Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

2. Who will provide the environment to execute the Practical?

To offer hands-on experience, SR Cloud Tech provides server access to the learners. To make you master in all concepts, we use real scenarios. All the concepts from basic to advanced are elaborated through real-time cases.

3. Does SR Cloud Tech accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer?

SR Cloud Tech trainers are experienced and have deep knowledge of the oracle cloud financial system. To maintain a high level of professionalism in the classes, they always encourage learners to improve skills and be more focused on practical knowledge.

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