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SR Cloud Tech offers Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training with experts and real-time trainers. This course is perfectly designed to master the students on Fusion Global HR for Implementation. This course is instructed by professionals who have years of experience in Oracle Fusion Cloud. Before getting into the main course, they would help students to understand the various HR business processes. If you are looking for detailed, descriptive Functional and Technical knowledge based Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training, then feel free to Contact Us.

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Course Description

Anyone who wants to start their career as an Oracle fusion specialist can avail of this  Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training Course at SR Cloud Tech. No prior knowledge of Oracle Fusion is required, with basic computer knowledge you can easily understand this course. Our course is worth attending because it really helps beginners and experienced to understand the HCM structure step by step. We never leave our students clueless. That’s why, before starting any topic, we give an in-depth overview.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training Course at SR Cloud Tech is well-structured, easy to understand, and a highly recognizable course. People with no prior knowledge and struggling to understand HCM can avail of this course. Every aspect of this course is designed by the talented and knowledgeable experts that follow the Oracle curriculum. To Offer a full learning experience, we ensure that every student will receive a quick response to their queries.


The Highlights of the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training Course at SR Cloud Tech Include:

  • Both Functional and Technical modules of the course cover the curriculum of the oracle.
  • The Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM online training provides a real-time application environment for the students.
  • We offer flexible virtual classes to our students- morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Our certified trainers have more than 15 years of experience in the field of finance and accounting.
  • We can teach you a detailed and well-structured oracle HCM cloud course in just 35 hours.
  • The curriculum of this course is based on the latest learning material.




  • Oracle Fusion HCM Global Human Resources
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Time and Labor
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll




  • Spreadsheet data loaders
  • Security
  • Personalization
  • Fast formula’s
  • HCM Extracts
  • OTBI
  • Data Conversions
  1. Oracle Fusion HCM Global Human Resources:


  • Overview of Functional Setup Manager
  • Creation of implementation users, assign implementation tasks to users and run LDAP process
  • Overview of roles
  • Manage geographies
  • Manage geographies
  • Manage geography lookups
  • Manage locations
  • Manage locations
  • Manage location lookups
  • Manage actions and action reasons
  • Manage Enterprise Structure
  • Creation of enterprise structure
  • Manage divisions
  • Manage legal entity
  • Manage business unit
  • Reference data sets
  • Manage Business unit set assignment
  • Manage Location reference set
  • Manage legal entity HCM information
  • Manage descriptive flex fields
  • Manage Legislative data group
  • Manage departments
  • Manage organization (optional)
  • Manage currencies (optional)
  • Manage Work Structure
  • Manage jobs
  • Manage positions
  • Manage positions
  • Manage HCM position hierarchy, Manage lookups – (optional)
  • Manage grades
  • Manage trees
  • Manage geography trees
  • Manage department trees
  • Manage organization trees
  • Manage position trees


  • Add a person, Hire an employee, add a contingent worker, add a non-worker, add pending worker)
  • Common Transactions – Manage employment, promote an employee, terminate an employee, transfer an employee, rehiring the employee, manage allocated checklist, manage areas of responsibility)


  • Introduction to Profile Management
  • Manage workforce profile lookups
  • Manage workforce profile value sets
  • Manage workforce profile descriptive flex fields
  • Manage talent notifications
  • Manage profile rating models
  • Manage educational establishments
  • Manage profile content types
  • Manage content subscribers
  • Manage profile content items
  • Manage profile types
  • Manage instance qualifiers
  • Manage questionnaire lookups
  • Manage question library
  • Manage questionnaire templates
  • Manage questionnaires



Career Development:


  • Introduction to Oracle Fusion HCM Career Development
  • Lookups
  • Select feature choices
  • Manage goal library

Goal Management:

  • Introduction to goal management
  • Manage worker goal setting lookups
  • Manage goals value sets
  • Manage worker goal descriptive flex-fields
  • Manage worker goal setting profile options
  • Manage goal management notifications
  • Manage goal library
  • Manage review periods
  • Manage goal plans
  • Manage goal eligibility profiles

  • Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Performance Management
  • Manage performance lookups
  • Manage performance value sets
  • Manage worker performance descriptive flex-fields
  • Manage worker performance profile option values
  • Manage performance notifications
  • Manage performance roles
  • Manage talent eligibility profiles
  • Manage eligibility batch process
  • Manage performance process flows
  • Manage performance template sections
  • Manage performance document types
  • Manage performance templates
  • Manage target rating distribution
  • Manage performance and potential box chart labels

  • Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Review
  • Manage talent review lookups
  • Manage talent review value sets
  • Manage talent review descriptive flex-fields
  • Manage talent review profile options values
  • Manage talent review notifications
  • Configure talent review dashboard options

Succession Management:

  • Introduction of succession management
  • Manage succession management lookups


5. Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management:

  • Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Absence Management
  • Lookups, value sets, and flex fields.
  • Work Shifts
  • Workday pattern
  • Work schedule
  • Calendar event
  • Derived factors
  • Eligibility factors
  • Absence reasons
  • Absence certifications
  • Absence plan
  • Absence types
  • Absence categories
  • Managing repeating time periods
  • Configure absence batch parameters
  • Schedule and monitor processes
  • Fast formula’s


6. Fusion HCM Time and Labor:

  • Introduction of Oracle Fusion HCM Time and Labor
  • Define Time and Entry Configuration
  • Manage workforce management lookups
  • Manage time and labor value sets
  • Manage workforce management value sets
  • Manage repeating time periods
  • Generate data dictionary time attributes
  • Generate time card fields
  • Manage custom time attributes
  • Manage time entry layout components
  • Manage time layout sets
  • Manage time categories
  • Manage time consumer sets
  • Manage HCM groups
  • Evaluate HCM group memberships
  • Manage workday definitions
  • Define Time Rules
  • Manage fast formula’s
  • Manage time repository rule templates
  • Manage time repository rules
  • Manage time repository rule sets
  • Manage time balance dimensions
  • Manage time balance definitions
  • Manage time allocations
  • Define Time and Labor Setup Profiles
  • Manage worker time processing profiles
  • Manage worker time entry profiles
  • Define Time Device Configuration
  • Manage time device event mapping
  • Manage time device event mapping sets
  • Manage time device export data
  • Manage time device processing profiles
  • Export time device configuration
  • Generate time cards from time collection devices

  • Introduction of Oracle Fusion Payroll
  • Consolidated group
  • Payroll definitions
  • Flex fields
  • Elements
  • Costing
  • Salary Basis
  • Earning elements
  • Deduction elements
  • Balance and feeds
  • Payroll processing
  • Assigning payroll to an employee
  • Assigning payment methods to an employee
  • Quick pay
  • View run results
  • Employee payslip
  • Reports
  • Event groups

  • Approval Management Overview
  • Approval Rules Configuration
  • Approval Types
  • Oracle BPM Worklist
  • Approvals and Notification
  • Alert Notification


  • Overview
  • Roles and Privileges
  • Security Profiles
  • User Account
  • Role Delegation
  • Using Security Console
  • Best Practices

  • Spreadsheet data loaders
  • Security
  • Personalization
  • Fast formula’s
  • HCM Extract


  • HCM Data Loader (HCM)
  • Overview
  • Business Objects and Keys
  • Sample
  • HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader(HSDL)


  • Creating sample and demonstrating


  • Creating Extracts and Demonstrating
  • Extracts outputs


  • Creating OTBI
  • Showing basic analyses with Subject areas
  • Filters
  • OTBI Techniques


  • Creating BI reports and Techniques




What are the Objectives of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training?

SR Cloud Tech has designed Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training to help learners gain expertise in all the basics and advancements of HCM. With the help of real-time examples, we cover the concepts. To test your knowledge after completion of the course, we give some projects and also guide them effectively. The objective of this training to make you expert in the following areas-

  • Approval groups creation and rule definitions
  • Implementing user creation
  • Documentation
  • Payroll tasks
  • Reports


Why should you learn Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM to grow your career?

Oracle Fusion Cloud applications are a new generation of cloud-based Human Capital Management applications. These applications are used in various deployment options, like, talent management, payroll, HR, analytics, collaboration, and so on. If you learn this application, there is lots of scope to succeed in this lucrative field.


Who should attend Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training?

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Online Training is a perfect choice for the following job areas:

  • Marketing experts
  • HR
  • Oracle ESB professionals
  • Beginners who have done MBA in HR


What are the prerequisites for the Oracle Fusion HCM course?

At SR Cloud Tech, there are no prerequisites for the learners. If you want to gain expertise in this application, learn with us.



To accelerate the gain in the implementation of the HCM Cloud Applications, you need expert knowledge. SR Cloud Tech provides you with the best understanding of this challenging yet lucrative sub-field of the Oracle.

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1. Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

2. Who will provide the environment to execute the Practical?

To offer hands-on experience, SR Cloud Tech provides server access to the learners. To make you master in all concepts, we use real scenarios. All the concepts from basic to advanced are elaborated through real-time cases.

3. Does SR Cloud Tech accept the course fees in installments?

Yes, you can avail the discount offer either by group discount offer or referral discount. If you want to join the oracle fusion cloud financial training in a group, then you can apply for a group discount. And apply for a referral discount if someone refers to you. To know more about the discount offer you can call us.

4. What is the qualification of the trainer?

SR Cloud Tech trainers are experienced and have deep knowledge of the oracle cloud financial system. To maintain a high level of professionalism in the classes, they always encourage learners to improve skills and be more focused on practical knowledge.

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